Eye Tests


The health of your eyes is very important for the longevity and quality of your eyesight. Visiting your opticians for an eye test is just as important as visiting the doctor or dentist.

Usually we recommend eye tests at Eyemax every two years, but certain patients may need tests more frequently. Our optometrists can advise you regarding your individual needs.

During eye tests at Eyemax our experts will check the health of your eyes as well as check the quality of your vision. This means we will be able to detect any potential issues for the future such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

With our professional eye tests at Eyemax, we strive to make your visiting experience as pleasant and relaxing as possible to ensure your comfort and security whilst with us. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Eye tests at Eyemax start from just £38, though children and over 60s are eligible for free eye tests courtesy of the NHS.


During our NHS eye tests at Eyemax, our highly trained optometrists will evaluate your quality of sight and examine the health of your eyes in order to check for any abnormalities that may cause issues in the future and any indicators of other health problems.


As an NHS patient you can book an appointment for one of our professional eye tests with our talented optometrists at Eyemax and feel well looked after by our comprehensive service and expertise.

Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease linked to diabetes that can lead to a partial or severe loss of vision. At Eyemax, we can screen for diabetes so you can catch it early and help prevent any damage to your vision. We do this through a process called Digital Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Screening.


Digital Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Screening involves taking digital photos of the back of your eyes which are then reviewed by trained screening staff. If needed, these images may then be seen by a hospital doctor for a second opinion. You are then given another appointment to decide on treatment or recommended for yearly eye screening.

Glaucoma screening is included as part of your eye examination and is carried out alongside your sight test. This helps us to determine more accurately whether you can see well and if your eyes are functioning properly without any signs of disease.


Detecting and treating glaucoma early is vital in preventing more serious visual issues. Most forms of early glaucoma show no symptoms at all, so regular screening with your eye test is key to maintaining health eyes.


The glaucoma screening consists of:

  • Examining the optic disc
  • Assessing the visual field
  • Measuring the intra-ocular pressures.

Whatever your optical needs, our highly trained and experienced multilingual staff can help you at Eyemax Opticians in Birmingham.